The challenge

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0.5 1 2 5 km/day

The Challenge

A K A Day in May – Are you ready to move more?

Sign up to a set daily distance of 1k, 2k, or 5k per day and cover that distance every day for the whole of May!

Walk, run, skate, cycle, roll – you can cover the distance any way you want to, so long as the power comes from you! Depending on your level of fitness and time available there’s a challenge that’s right for your lifestyle.

You can also choose a combination of activities e.g., run one day and walk the next, so long as you cover the daily distance.

There are a variety of distances to suit any age and level of fitness ranging from a half km challenge for our youngest participants (and that includes ‘pram miles!) right up to 5k for those looking to clock up some serious miles over the course of the month.

At the end of the month, you’ll receive a link to our website which will allow you to enter your details and upload your evidence once you have completed the challenge.

Once the evidence has been verified, you will receive a bespoke A K A Day medal in the post – or an e-certificate if you have donated the cost of the medal.

We ask for a £15 donation to take part in the challenge to support Cardiac Risk in the Young. There is a junior discount for those aged 5-12 (£10) and a £5 “Bumble Bee” option for under 5’s

Bumble Bee 0.5km/day

under 5's

Worker Bee 1km/day

Drone Bee 2km/day

Queen Bee 5km/day

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We’ll make sure your contribution makes a difference for the work of Cardiac Risk in the Young.

Good luck with your challenge!

Your help is really appreciated!